Suit Jacket Bag

A couple of months ago, I visited the Fashioned from Nature exhibition at the V&A Museum in London. It was a very inspiring exhibition, displaying the changes in fashion over the years, including manufacturing techniques, materials and the environmental implications of designs. I also found it disturbing, looking at the use of feathers, fur and other animal parts, that were deemed “fashionable” during Edwardian and Victorian times, and the subsequent endangered species we now have because of it.

A lovely display showing the versatility of wool to make garments.
A case showing Albatross hide and feathers. This particular exhibit really upset me but made me grateful that we have moved beyond killing in the name of fashion.

It was also nice to see the more traditional methods of fabric making, particularly using wool. It was eye-opening to see new, modern ways of producing fabric, using sustainable processes and materials, as well as the consideration of recycling.

A dress design showing you can have the effect of animal skin as a print on the fabric.

One particular design that caught my eye was a bag labelled “SuitCase”, which was exactly that, a suit jacket, that had been transformed into a bag. Being a lover of bags, I had to create my own design. My base is a United Colours of Benetton jacket, which I bought from a charity shop, wth a view to wearing. Unfortunately, the jacket was too tight across the chest and the arms were too skinny, so it’s a perfect candidate to be transformed into a bag!

So, this is my initial sketch of how I’d like the bag to look. I’m no expert at the sewing machine, so I’m sure the look with change, depending on my skill!

So, this will be craft project no. 1 on my list for 2019, and I’ve a lot more ideas of how to transform other items of clothing that I just can’t bear to part with! Watch this space!

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