Rainbow Baby Beanies Montage

Rainbow Baby Beanies

So, towards the end of 2017, I decided to start knitting baby hats and bootees in rainbow yarn and donate the profits to stillbirth and miscarriage charities. This was just 5 months after having had my own rainbow baby, George.

What is a Rainbow Baby?

I must admit, I’d never heard the term before. It was only when a fellow new mum mentioned it to me, did I hear the phrase for the first time. It’s now clear to me that Rainbow Babies are babies born after a loss.

Nothing beats knitting a rainbow whilst wearing one too!

Adding Two & Two Together

I wanted to knit something for my little baby boy, and loved the idea of knitting a beanie hat to keep his head warm in winter. Having received quite a few compliments from other mums, I made a couple of them as presents. It then evolved into a permanent thing. A Facebook page was created, alongside a website that takes orders throughout the year.

Fulfilling Orders… and Lives

I get enough orders to keep me busy as well as having added bootees and adult sizes to the online store. I’ve just started knitting newborn beanies to be included in “rainbow baby packages” to be given to new mums of rainbow babies at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. This new project is starting in early 2019.

New Beginnings

I hope to be able to expand this to my local maternity unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, because they were brilliant during the birth of my gorgeous George. If anyone from the unit would like to get in touch, I’d love to contribute to a similar package.

My Online Shop

I hope to add more products to the range in 2019. As a busy mum that works full time, a lot of ideas might have to be put on the back burner, or introduced gradually. One thing I would like to do, is make some items up front and sell directly through the website. This will be as well as knitting items to order. I’d also like to put together some patterns and sell them as digital downloads. This is because I realise a lot of people like to make their own things these days. We’ll just have to see what my free time will allow!

For now, I am happy to spread a little warmth and happiness, with rainbow bootees and beanies knitted to order from www.rainbowbabybeanies.co.uk

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