Range of eco egg laundry products

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I was forever bombarded by adverts (sorry, sponsored posts) on Facebook (as we all are on a daily basis) about the Eco Egg Laundry Egg. In the end, I decided to do some research into it, and liked the idea that the cleaning action is mineral based, with less chemicals going into the water system. The initial cost might appear quite high compared to buying a pack of detergent, but the bundle that I opted for included washing machine detox cleaning tablets, stain remover spray, eco egg, plus enough mineral ball refills to last 720 washes/3 years.

This cost just under £30, so the equivalent of £10 a year to clean our clothes and keep the machine healthy. It seemed too good a deal to miss, too good to be true, even. But, I placed the order and awaited delivery of the egg and goodies.

On using the Laundry Egg, I noticed some residue on the first couple of washes, but presume this was scum that had already accumulated in the machine, from using detergents. Since then, I have been very impressed with the results. The stain spray works wonders on my toddler’s bibs and dirty clothing, it’s even removed blood stains! For normally soiled items in the wash, the egg on its own works well, and has a lovely gentle fragrance (I purchased the Jasmine scented pack). It’s so gentle, I no longer use fabric softener either!

The mineral pellets need to be topped up every 72 washes with the pack I purchased. This process is quick and simple to do, with the egg being easy to unlock and twist open, it’s just a case of making sure I put the date in my diary for when I need to do it.

I won’t be going back to normal chemical detergent. I’m glad that I’ve taken this less environmentally damaging step, to set an example for my toddler George as he grows up. It’s now making me look at other areas of day to day life where I can make changes for the better.

Range of eco egg laundry products
Range of eco egg laundry products

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